2.0.0 Final (2009/12/16)

This is the final 2nd edition. Most of the work went into the common Mica architecture.

What's New since 2.0.0M6

PluThon-specific Changes

  • Moved update sites to maemoide.nokia.com.
  • Improved default workspace settings (see below)
  • Improved Python Debian package creation
  • Added support for importing existing projects: use File > New... > Maemo C/C++ Project with the Existing Program template.

Common (Mica) Changes

See the Mica 2.0.0 final release notes.

Known issues

  • In Ubuntu 9.10, Fedora 11, or other platforms using GTK+ 2.18 and/or Mozilla xulrunner 1.19, you must launch ESbox with the script esbox.sh included in the archive. Otherwise, Eclipse will fail to start and/or will have erratic UI. See this post for GTK+ details and this bug for xulrunner information.

    Use the pluthon.sh script from a product build to work around this problem.

  • The required bdist_maemo package is not available in the Fremantle repositories, thus you will be unable to use the Project > Debian Package > Deploy Debian Package wizard. (That wizard will attempt to install this package for you but will fail.) You may find this package in the Diablo repositories and try to use it in the meantime.
  • At this time, the Cygwin 1.5 project does not provide a working sshd server for Windows Vista/7, so you will be unable to mount your folders to the device for the "Mount project (SBRSH)" launch type. You will need to use the Cygwin 1.7 (beta) release.

    (Note #1: the 1.7beta is not a good choice for ESbox, since the X server in this beta crashes a lot.)

    (Note #2: Eclipse has its own SSH implementation, which is why SSH support in general will still work.)

Detailed changes

PluThon 2.0.0-I20091125

  • Ensure that sbrsh can be launched on Windows by using proper Cygwin PATH. [#4772]
  • Fixed MacOS X host issue where preferences were hard to deal with because their contents would be scrolled to the far right by default. [#4699]
  • Fixed again: Change some default settings (was missing timeout option for Pydev) [#4527]

See Mica changes here.

PluThon 2.0.0-I20091111

  • Fixed: Pluthon fails to build Debian package #4680

See Mica changes here.

PluThon 2.0.0-I20091022

  • Split help into a common Mica portion and an PluThon portion. There should be no outright visible changes. [#4692]
  • Fixed: Pluthon fails to build Debian package [#4680]

See Mica changes here.

PluThon 2.0.0-I20091007

  • Changed some default workspace settings [#4527]:
    • Turn on Run/Debug > Launching > Save required dirty editors before Build
    • Turn on Run/Debug > Launching > Always launch the previously launched application (because we offer so many launch config types, that hitting run/debug from an editor often does not find the existing launch config and makes you reselect it)
    • Change the Pydev > Debug > Connect timeout setting to 60000 ms because SBRSH easily takes more than 20 seconds to connect.

See Mica changes here.

PluThon 2.0.0-I20090923

  • Improved Python package detection (Project > Validate Installed Packages)

See Mica changes here.