First Alpha: 2.0.0 M1 (2008/10/31)

This is the first release after rearchitecturing work to share code between ESbox and PluThon. Other changes were made, as well, to track related Eclipse technologies and prepare for the other features we're planning to implement.

What's New since R0.1.8

  • File selection
    It is possible to select those files you want to upload to Tablet. On Run As > Run Configurations > Upload, there's a list of project files to be uploaded for Tablet. The console does not print uploaded files anymore.

  • Build configurations support
    A checkbox list is used to select the build configurations. They cannot be edited or customized individually; there is a one-to-one mapping from ssh connection to build configuration.

Major bug fixes since R0.1.8

  • Debugger

  • Python debugger now stops on the breakpoints of source code.

Known issues

  • When launching/debugging via SSH and have not SSH-authenticated your device, you will receive a lot of password requests. [#2997]
  • Maemo build configuration is not synchronized with SSH connections of projects
  • Project configurations cannot handle more than one SSH Connection at a time [#2999]
  • Python interpreter is not configured initially. The user has to properly define which is the correct Python interpreter do be used/li>
  • Before creating a new PluThon project, it is necessary to create a SSH connection before using wizard on SSH connections view