Second Alpha: 2.0.0 M2 (2009/02/18)

This is the second release, with more improved support for devices, Debian packaging, and Python.

What's New since 2.0.0M1

PluThon-specific Improvements

    • Win32 host initial support

    You can run PluThon from Windows (and OS X too, though this has not been tested throughly).

    • Support for RSE

    The element SSH Connection, which was used for configuring access to devices, does not exist anymore on Pluthon. Instead, you can use SSH and RSE support.

    • Integration with Maemo Build Targets

    You can choose the available remote targets to configure access to your Maemo device.

    • New Wizard for Python projects

    Pluthon projects are now based on Maemo Build Targets (remote targets).

    • Better support for Python applications

    Better support for copying/running/tracing/debugging Python applications on Tablet.

    • Platform detection

    PluThon can detect the platform used on your device. (This is mainly internal framework, but you can see it in the "Installed Targets" preference page as well. Only when a tablet is contacted will its information be established.)

Common (Mica) Improvements

  • Autoconfigure Python interpreter settings

    If you attempt to launch a project without setting up the Pydev settings, a dialog will ask you for this.

  • Better Python launch shortcut

    You can launch a project by right-clicking on a project, using Run/Debug As... and select which script is the main script.

  • Improved SSH and RSE support

    There are many fewer password prompts now. You still need to enter these for each ESbox session but you can save it.

    More dialogs, like Debian package installation, accept an RSE connection instead of an IP address.

  • Improved WLAN/BT support

    While these networking types are not directly supported in the UI yet, we've done more testing communicating with the Maemo device at non-default addresses to ensure this process works more smoothly.

  • VNC view added

    A VNC viewer for Eclipse from the Tools for Linux project has been included. Visit this viewer under Window > Show View > Remote Systems > VNC Viewer.

  • SBRSH key exchange

    In an SBRSH launch configuration, you can invoke "Exchange keys" to quickly set up the passwordless login from the host to the device and vice versa. (This is an initial approach, which works only from Linux hosts, and will be further improved.)

Known issues

  • RSE support is not obvious -- you must go to Window > Open Perspective > Other... > Remote System Explorer to see the RSE UI
  • When you first use the "Maemo device" device for RSE, it will default to user "user" on You should manually edit this first, if you want other settings. If you happen to see a password prompt, you cannot edit the username here, so you'll need to cancel and edit the connection and try again. We will try to make the initial setup step clearer in the future.

Detailed Changes

Mica Bugfixes

  • 3109 SBRSH not working with non-default addresses
  • 3139 Need better timeouts for package installation + centralized way to monitor/cancel processes
  • 3325 User can not navigate and select new folder while selecting workspace for the new project
  • 3425 When validating packages on device, needed repositories should be added automatically

PluThon Bugfixes

  • 3138 Setup Script Wizard does not shows the created file
  • 3162 Prompt dialog to select connection method
  • 3197 NPE when creating a new launch configuration on a empty workspace
  • 3301 Export to Debian Package failure

PluThon 2.0.0 I20090204

  • Validate Installed Packages works for PluThon, Python, and make projects now. It just suggests a fixed set of metapackages though.
  • New project wizard will invoke the full UI for Validate Installed Packages, giving user a chance to edit network settings

PluThon 2.0.0 I20081202

  • Enhancements and fixes to generating Debian packages using script
  • Improvements to Python interpreter autoconfiguration
  • PluThon product now contains a PluThon perspective (PyDev perspective Remote System view)

PluThon 2.0.0 I20081121

  • SSH connections totally removed (wizards, view and property page). Now, PluThon projects are created based on SDKTargets from RSE connections
  • Migrate to RSE connections instead of SSH connections UI
  • Autoconfigure Python Interpreter preferences
  • Better support for creating Python installation packages on device
  • Copy previously generated debian packages into the project
  • Generate automatically Debian structure for projects