First Beta: 2.0.0M4 (2009/05/14)

This is the first release with a lot of new features implemented for 2nd edition.

Also, it is updated to build on Eclipse Ganymede SR2 and PyDev 1.4.4.

Note: 2.0.0M3 was not officially released.

What's New since 2.0.0M2

PluThon-specific Improvements

  • P2 update sites available
  • Support for Linux and Win32 host PC official and documented
  • Initial support for Mac OS X host PC (works and documented but not fully tested)
  • Full connectivity support for Maemo devices with SSH, RSE and SBRSH from Linux, Windows and Mac OS X
  • Pluthon Garage site has separate Beta 1 documentation
  • Support SBRSH natively on Linux, Win32 ans Mac OS X host PCs
  • Update to use the latest stable version 1.4.4 of PyDev component
  • Installation wizard to setup Python development environment for host PC and Maemo devices
  • Common (Mica) Improvements

    • P2 update sites available
    • Added wizard to flash images and kernels to Nokia Internet Tablet
    • Support SBRSH sandbox and non-sandbox modes
    • Added MacOS X host support
    • Added per-target Python interpreter configuration for Scratchbox and tablet
    • Update to Eclipse Ganymede SR2, Pydev 1.4.4
    • Add default RSE connections for all supported PC-connectivity types (USB, WLAN, Bluetooth)

    Known issues

    • The "Maemo device ..." connections for RSE are configured for the account "user". Please set up a password for this account first (log into the tablet, gain root, and set the password via passwd user), or select a different user name in the RSE target (right click > Configure... or right click > Properties in the Remote Systems view). You will not be able to change the user name in a dialog that prompts for a password.
    • The package maemo-python-device-env does not include the package python2.5-distutils, which is necessary to build Debian packages on device. Therefore, in order to build Debian packages with PluThon, you need to install package python2.5-distutils on device.
    • For other issues, see the PluThon Bug Tracker and the Mica bug tracker and search for items with Resolution = None.

    Detailed Changes

    PluThon 2.0.0 I20090422

    • These releases support update sites, meaning that the "full" Pluthon product build can be updated, and any Eclipse 3.4.2 installation can be updated to add PluThon
    • Python interpreter manager fixes and support for remote Python installations
    • Support for configurable sessions in the flasher dialog.
    • P2 update site support
    • Fix debugger issues:
      • Launch configurations are not deleted when project is deleted
      • Launch configurations do not show up in Project > Properties > Run/Debug Settings
    • Other bugfixes; see Tracker
    • Updated Mica garage site

    PluThon 2.0.0 I20090408

    • Add context menus to UI that shows SDKs and targets, to easily refresh, detect platform, and configure RSE connection addresses
    • Add code indexing and auto-complete features for Scratchbox Python interpreters
    • Flasher wizard UI improvements (note: this requires a Linux host)

    PluThon 2.0.0 I20090325

    • Added initial version of Flasher wizard (see icon in toolbar). This requires Linux host for now.
    • Add default RSE connections for all supported pc-connectivity types (USB, WLAN, Bluetooth)
    • Better handling of SSH password cancellation
    • No longer leaks SSH passwords in file URIs
    • Better support for SBRSH on Windows/OS X host
    • New SBRSH preferences to allow specifying the device user.
    • Reenable download method selection in launch configuration

    PluThon 2.0.0 I20090311

    • Update to Eclipse Ganymede SR2
    • Update to Pydev 1.4.4
    • Initial SBRSH host support (needs sbrsh 7.6maemo3 from SBRSH Garage project)