Second Beta: 2.0.0M5 (2009/07/03)

This is the second beta release with some usability improvements over the previous beta. Most of the work went into refactoring the Mica architecture for reuse by other products than ESbox and PluThon.

NOTE: in this release, in order to make Mica independent of PluThon, some project natures had to be renamed. Any projects built in earlier releases will not work without being converted. Use File > New > Convert to PluThon Python Project to update your project(s). Also, existing launch configurations will have to be repaired or recreated.

What's New since 2.0.0M4

PluThon-specific Improvements

  • Add Convert to PluThon Python Project wizard. This will let you import Pydev projects and use them in PluThon.
  • Changes in wizard to generate script:
    • Clear fields to insert metadata for Debian package

      Old fields used to insert information about your Debian package were removed. They were so ambiguous and it wasn't clear enough for user what to enter in such fields. The following changes were made, so the user has a different UI to provide information about the Debian package:

      • Additional table to insert information about Python packages (modules) distributed on your Debian package
      • Additional table to insert information about data files that you want to distribute inside your Debian package
      • is properly generated (bugs related to bad formatted/generated scripts are fixed.) [#4130]

      Now, it is possible to generate both build package distribution or even source package distribution. Pluthon help doc is updated and it now includes the changes described above.

  • Add PluThon OProfile support
  • Remove RSE connection selector in PluThon launch. The Project > Properties > Maemo Build Configurations panel determines the default
  • Fix issues with "Run standalone" option being reset or initialized inconsistently [#4026]
  • More fixes to the Externalize Strings wizard.
  • Added Help > Maemo Links menu for locating useful documentation.

Common (Mica) Improvements

See the Mica 2.0.0M5 release notes.