2.0.0M6 (Prefinal) (2009/09/11)

This is the next-to-final release with some feature and usability improvements over the previous beta. Most of the work went into the common Mica architecture.

What's New since 2.0.0M5

PluThon-specific Improvements

  • Add Ltrace analysis support. Use Profile > Profile As... to invoke a Python program with tracing of system and library calls.
  • Add infrastructure for hover help. Currently the documentation plugins are not in place, so it's just a pretty preference page (Maemo > Hover Help).

Common (Mica) Improvements

See the Mica 2.0.0M6 (prefinal) release notes.

Detailed changes

PluThon 2.0.0-I20090819

  • Improved ltrace integration and installation

See Mica changes here.

PluThon 2.0.0-I20090806

  • New Pydev version (1.4.7). One big change is, the interpreter for the project is configured at project creation time rather than when you first launch. (Though we will revalidate the intepreter at this time.)
  • Added LTrace profiler/analysis view support.

See Mica changes here.